What is hiTRAN

hiTRAN is a thermal system which can offer a range of enhancement solutions for heat exchangers within many industries, including oil refineries and FPSO’s. hiTRAN enhances the tube side heat transfer and is one of the easiest heat exchanger solutions to install within tubular heat exchangers.

hiTRAN is one of the most common turbulators which can be installed into heat exchangers to help improve and boost performance in process plants, In Laminar and Transitional flow regimes, a huge increase in performance is seen with hiTRAN and the risk of fouling occurring within some exchangers is also reduced. hiTRAN, when installed into specific heat exchangers results in a possible increase in the heat transfer coefficient of 16 times. This is when you will see the greatest benefit from installing hiTRAN.

In some heat exchangers there might be an increase in pressure loss for the same flow conditions, judicious application will allow the most suitable cases the best benefits within your heat exchanger without any overall increase in the amount of pressure loss which might happen. Fully turbulent flow, increase in heat transfer is still available within any sort of heat exchanger however the application is only effective if there is enough pressure drop for hiTRAN to combat.

hiTRAN is engineered to match each bespoke case to resolve specific issues within heat exchangers. Cases can be very dependent on the flow conditions and the heat transfer mechanisms within any process plant or exchanger.

Many plants are looking to become more environmentally friendly and reduce the total amount of energy consumed. hiTRAN is an option to help increase plant performance and in many cases produce a more efficient overall process, whilst still working with existing equipment when retrofitted.
It is also worth considering when designing a new process plant or individual heat exchanger as the size can often be drastically reduced.

Quick overview of benefits:

  • Reduction in Costs
  • Energy Saving
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Fouling Reduction

There are also many more benefits which can be achieved by installing hiTRAN but these are unique to each and every heat exchanger and heavily depend on the type application and issues trying to be solved.